diffuseThe Benefits of Diffusing Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

  1. Increased cell oxygen.
  2. Increased secretions of endorphins.
  3. Increased secretions of antibodies.
  4. Increased production of ATP (energy fuel used by cells).
  5. Increased secretions of seratonin.
  6. Increased secretions of hormones.
  7. Increased histamine release, which speeds up the healing process.
  8. Increased circulation and supports immune function.
  9. Increased conversion of amino acids and proteins.
  10. Helps in dealing with emotional trauma.
  11. Helps in promotion of secretion and receptivity of human growth hormone (HGH).
  12. They smell wonderful.

Why You Should Diffuse Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils

Because aromatherapy is far more than just the smell

To most people, aromatherapy is nothing more than enjoying the relaxing fragrance of essential oils. They light a scented candle, and let the stresses of the day slip away. Or, maybe they will place some essential oils in a small dish and set it over a lighted candle to create a romantic mood. Other people burn incense to cover bad odors in the house. In any case, the point is merely to fill the air with a pleasing aroma to achieve some desired effect.

However, this isn't really aromatherapy. It's recreational fragrancing.

It's a fact: True aromatherapy is much more than just the smell.

Everyone knows that essential oils can fill a room with exquisite fragrances; and, it's well known that aroma reaches and influences the deepest parts of our being. But, true aromatherapy not only delivers the calming benefits of fragrance, it also provides the many other health benefits unique to essential oils.

This must be qualified by two critical points:

To experience the many benefits of true aromatherapy, you need to start with high-quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and diffuse them with a cold-air diffuser.

What are the benefits of diffusing essential oils with a cold-air diffuser?

A truly therapeutic-grade essential oil contains hundreds of chemical constituents, which can have profound effects on your health and well-being: body, mind and emotions.

Among its many benefits, diffusing essential oils can:

  • release oxygenating molecules into the air. This (at least in theory) increases atmospheric oxygen. These oxygenating molecules, as well as the effects of the fragrance itself, can
  • lift your mood and soothe your emotions, creating an atmosphere of peace and harmony. They can also
  • invigorate you, stimulating you without making you feel wired.

Conversely, they can

  • relax you, without making you feel groggy or putting you to sleep, and leave you feeling refreshed, not tired.
  • soothe your nerves and relieve tension,
  • calm you, making you feel quieted and grounded within, and
  • help to focus your mind and improve concentration, helping you to stay more alert and clear in your thinking.

Studies have demonstrated that diffusing therapeutic-grade essential oils can help you to learn and retain studied materials - and perform on tests - up to 28% better than without the oils.

Diffusing essential oils can also:

  • increase the body's ability to transport oxygen into the cells. This penetration of oxygen through the cell walls is vital to the effective assimilation of nutrients by the body, and the aromatic molecules of essential oils can greatly enhance this action.
  • help in weight management,
  • boost the immune system,
  • create a feeling of balance and well-being,
  • freshen and purify the air by,
    • making chemicals non-toxic, fracturing their molecular structure. European scientists have found that essential oils work as natural chelators, bonding to metalics and chemicals, and flushing them out of the system.
    • increasing atmospheric ozone and negative ions, which inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, molds and other air-borne infectious agents,
    • preventing the build-up and /or destroying odors from molds, mildew, cigarettes, animals, etc., and
    • acting as an outstanding air-filtration system, helping to remove dust particles from the air.

Without question, diffusing therapeutic-grade essential oils has the ability to enhance your life in almost every way.